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Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Monday friends! Here's to a new week. I'm hoping it gets better as mine began with a water leak from the fridge that soaked our kitchen floor and through the wall to my daughter's bedroom. Grrr. That after my son accidentally broke a window in our glass-paned door, and my "check engine" light has clicked on.  I'm also way behind on sending out Christmas wish lists for the kids, cleaning out closets, replanting the window boxes in our front yard, and ordering end of season soccer trophies. 
Sometimes the daily maintenance of life can be overwhelming!

Anyway, I hope your week has gone more smoothly than mine. Here are a few snaps from our recent activities. Just kids being kids :)

What have you captured this week?

Gina Kleinworth said...

Really beautiful shots!!! I can completely relate on the fridge leak. We woke up to the same thing one morning- the day before we were to leave on a 10 day vacation. The whole floor was a lake. Boy was I glad it happened that day & not the day after we left. The whole house would have been under a foot of water by the time we got home.

Unknown said...

Love these shots! So fun! Sorry about your leak.

Cedar said...

These shots are fantastic! I hope your week starts looking up!

Veronica Lee said...

As always, beautiful photography, Melissa!!

Happy Tuesday!

Katherines Corner said...

two words...absolutley beautiful xo

Ivana said...

How cute are these children? Thanks so much for posting this, now I have a huge smile on my face :)

Happy Tuesday!

xx Ivana
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