Friday Photo Journal, November 18, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Good gracious where is November going?! I have not purchased a single gift, prepared for Christmas cards, planned a single meal, or even managed to take down all of the Halloween decor. I can't begin to think about how I will get it all done. I need it to be September again.

On that note, I also have very little to show in the way of an effort to photograph my own life and family. I really am feeling burned out and pressed for time with work, like constantly living in a compression chamber, and I can hardly think of picking up my camera for personal reasons. When I actually think about this, it makes me very sad because my children seem to be maturing at the speed of light. I just can't seem to keep up with it all.

Anyway, I scraped together a few random images for this post. I saw the moon coming up as I was heading home after client session and I stopped for a moment to try to capture the scene. I played with some long exposures and tried getting light trails from the passing cars. I didn't have a tripod so they are a bit shaky, and the highlights on the moon are terrible, but it was fun to just play for a minute. Despite their poor technical merits, I still rather like the effect. Other randomness includes a simple fall leaf snap from walking in the neighborhood (with a bit of a melancholy feel to the edit - seemed appropriate for my mood), our pup Bella who will turn 8 in a couple of weeks, and my silly gal - my constant companion when I'm not off shooting sessions.

Thank you for visiting! Link up your posts below and have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday Photo Journal, November 11, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Yikes, it's Friday again and I'm SO not ready for this weekend! Just finished 5 galleries, I have 3 more sessions to edit, and 5 to shoot this weekend. And I've been running like a headless chicken all week.

I have but one lonely photo to share and it's kind of a miracle that I even made that happen, ha ha. Sorry to post and run, but it's almost tomorrow already and there is laundry to fold, session planning to do and hopefully a bit of sleep before I get up to do it all again.

Hopefully your week was more sane than mine. What have you been up to?

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Sending a huge thank you to all the vet and their families too - Happy Veteran's Day!


Friday Photo Journal, November 4, 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy weekend friends! This week was packed full of client work, a whirlwind of Halloweening and then more work. Other than a few phone photos I haven't had a chance to import & edit, this week's only personal pics were taken while waiting for a client who was late to our session. So it's a random mash up of things I photographed to kill some time. I hope your week was more exciting than my own. Tell me, what have you been up to?



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