Favorite Photo of the Week

Friday, September 30, 2011

Here is my pic for favorite photo of the week!
 We have had many rainy days this week, but this little girl is my daily dose of sunshine ;)

What's your favorite photo of the week? Feel free to share a link in your comments. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Friday :)


iPhoneography and iPhone Photo Friday

Happy Friday all! It's time for another edition for iPhoneography.  Here are my captures for the week.

Bedtime baby:

Crafty Kids:

We finally had a break in the rain, so back to soccer we went:

Silly Miss Sunshine:

Sweet cheeks:

What have you captured this week?

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Having grown bored with the flowers in my own yard, I stood at the edge of my neighbor's yard with my zoom lens and stole these ;)

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Monday Rewind Blog Hop

Monday, September 26, 2011

This week's rewind features, well, more random daily shots taken as I explore the possibilities with my camera ;)  The more I experiment and explore with my camera, the deeper my love of photography grows.  I am having some serious fun!

It is so exciting to learn new things and stretch myself as I haven't done in years. Well, let's be honest, parenting requires that we learn and stretch every day (some days the contortion knows no limits!). But, this is purely for fun and I'm eating it up!  I am so thankful for all the support I have received from family, friends and blogging buddies.  I truly appreciate every comment, critique and word of encouragement.  

What have you been up to???

Thanks so much for stopping by! Here's to another great week!!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's time again to link up for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, hosted by the lovely and talented Ashley Sisk.  I had many great ideas for this week's prompts, but few of them came to fruition. The constant rain and my lack of time (and scarves) proved a challenge to my creativity. Fortunately, my older daughter was a willing model for my experiments, even with limited with props ;)

Low Key - OK, so I missed the boat on this one. I was going for a low key moment. Duh.:

The Color Wheel (monochromatic):




Thanks so much for stopping by! Join the hop for more Scavenger Hunt fun.


Simple Things Sunday

Simple Things Sunday is all about sharing simple joys or an image of something that made you smile this week.  I LOVE gardenias and we have several bushes out front. They smell amazing and the white flowers are so crisp and pretty.  Here is a picture I snapped this week of one of the blooms. 

Want to know the secret to beautiful gardenias that bloom again and again?  Pickle juice. No kidding!  Whenever we finish a jar of pickles I leave the brine in the jar, fill it with water and dump it on the roots. It really works. The plants go nuts. Now you know ;)



Friday, September 23, 2011

Here are my iPhone photos from this week. I love how they capture random slices of life.

Walking with the littles:


Old theater in my old neighborhood:
Starbuck's sweets:
Rainy day:

What have you captured this week?


Friday - Favorite Photo of the Week

Greetings friends! Friday again already? Wow! And I guess Fall is officially here. Woo hoo!  We've had tons of rain lately and it's been warm and humid. I love a good thunderstorm, but I'm ready for the cooler Fall temps to prevail and the changing colors to emerge. A good pumpkin spice latte on crisp breezy day...ah, heaven.

Anyway, on to my favorite photo of the week.  Mr. Man received a late birthday gift from his grandparents after our planned visit fell through. He couldn't have been happier with this surprise and proceeded to carry it around all day.

What's your favorite photo of the week? Feel free to share a link in your comments. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Friday :)


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