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Friday, September 5, 2008

You might have noticed the Savvy Quiz widget in my sidebar. Clicking on it will start you through a quiz about your preschooler's development. You'll answer questions about your child's abilities, number recognition, language acquisition, musical recognition, gross and fine motor skills, etc. The quiz is divided into several sections, and is conveniently set up so that if you find you can't finish it in one sitting you can log out and continue it in another session.

Once you finish the Savvy Quiz, you will receive a customized report showing you your child's progress compared to other preschoolers. Each section also contains a link to Savvy Picks, where you will receive a personalized learning guide featuring activities recommended for your child's level of development. These picks include recommended books and toys that can be purchased, as well as free activities created by experts and by parents like you.

It is a helpful tool for assessing your child's progress and a great way to generate ideas for activities that will enrich your child's education. The quiz is very user-friendly, and the feedback is provided free of charge. So, when you have a few minutes be sure to check it out.
Anonymous said...

This is a good tool. Thanks for sharing.


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