A Lion, A Robot and a Pooping Deer...

Monday, September 15, 2008

My oldest isn't much for drawing. He loves crafts and will paint just about anything, but he has never really enjoyed drawing or coloring. He will happily cut and paste, or better yet, fashion a tool of some sort out of just about any supplies you give him, but has only on a few rare occasions actually drawn a picture. So, I was quite surprised when today, he sat down and did just that. He had been playing office for a while this morning and has been "writing" notes, checklists and signatures lately. A sign that perhaps his aversion to handwriting is subsiding??? I don't push him in this area as he's shown some resistance and I want him to come to it when he's ready. At any rate, his younger sister had grown tired of posing as his secretary and having to redo all her work as he deemed it unfit (Aiden, bossy? never.)
So I asked her if she'd like to draw a picture. She replied with an emphatic, "yes!" and big brother chimed in that he was game as well. I set out the crayons and paper and here is what they came up with:

Aiden drew a deer first, for papaw who likes to go deer hunting. And yes, this deer is pooping. The brown pile in front of him is leaves he's been eating. The brown pile in back...well, you get the picture.

And here's a lion he drew that's, well, pooping too. Yeah, he's six and he's a boy. Actually, I'm not sure the age matters much; boys seem to enjoy bathroom humor throughout their lives. I grew up in a house of girls... cutting the cheese or "plooping" were our only options for communicating about such things, anything beyond that was forbidden. Life's a little different around here.

And finally, here's a robot who is, appropriately, poopless.

Since there was no prompting, no looking at pictures of animals, and no scratching them out and starting over, I was quite impressed that he just sat down and drew these three things he had never drawn before.

Brynie drew a portrait of Aiden:
Sorry it is so faint, I enhanced it as much as I could. I hope you can make it out.

I just love it!
Alison Kerr said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can wholeheartedly say that the Usborne September sign-up deal is an absolute steal. It's also the best time of year to start. Hey, you're old enough to decide for yourself. Stop by and ask me questions any time :-)

Alison Kerr said...

How funny the poops look. Kids really think of the neatest things - maybe he'll want to be a zookeeper!

Lynette3boys said...

I knew I had to read this post just by the title. And I wasn't disappointed. I can relate very well with 3 boys of my own. Fart noises and poop humor is the norm around here.

Anonymous said...

Well - even if he doesn't draw often he is certainly observant - the animals have their tails raised! Very funny!


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