Note to Self:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Be thankful for the sticky fingerprints on everything, for it means your child is able to explore his world.
Be thankful for the poopy diapers, for it means your child is healthy and nourished.
Be thankful for the toys strewn from room to room, for it means your child is playful and active.
Be thankful for the sibling arguments, for it means your children can stand up for themselves.
Be thankful for the whiny pleas for attention, for it means you are wanted.
Be thankful for the wilted dandelions in your pocket, for it means you are appreciated.
Be thankful for the dirty laundry, for it means you have been blessed with another day together.
Be thankful for the noise, noise, noise, for it means you are not alone.
Be thankful for the hundredth time you've heard "MOM!" today, for it means you are needed.
Be thankful for the sloppy sticky kisses, for it means you are loved.
For all the worries, arguments, cleaning, grooming, reprimanding, reminding, mending, preparing, purchasing, tutoring, chauffeuring, challenging, chasing, crying and sleeplessness, be thankful. For it means that you are a mother, and there is no greater gift than that.
Anonymous said...

That is a great reminder. I need to post that on my wall... :-) Nice post.

The Mother said...

I will take a messy room over a neat one any day.

One of my kids actually refused to clean up his room because he's conducting an experiment in entropy--waiting for the arrow of time to switch directions.

Another swears his room IS organized. Chronologically, by smell.

Who can argue with that?

Momisodes said...

Such a great post and a lovely reminder :) Well said.


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