John Adams

Monday, June 23, 2008

Anyone else watching the HBO John Adams series? I bought it for my husband for Father's Day and we've been watching it nightly. He's seen almost all of it and I've seen bits of most episodes...I have more interruptions with laundry, the kids etc., and I go to bed earlier. Anyway, it's very well done and I'm loving it! My dad is a big history buff and I remember watching the Winds of War and the North and South with him growing up. It was romanticized history, but so enthralling! I always wished I could transport myself back in time and would day dream about it on visits to Colonial Williamsburg.
So, sorry for neglecting the blog posts, I'm currently glued to the tube for some grown up edutainment ;P
Unknown said...

My husband is a history buff, and totally loves this kind of stuff. He's actually in Gettysburg, PA, right now, tromping around on the Civil War battlefields! We don't get HBO, so my brother-in-law is taping this series for him.


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