The Daily Dog Bone

Monday, June 2, 2008

Poor Max spent a long weekend without us. We headed down to NC to visit family and Max stayed home. He always gets depressed when we leave. As a matter of fact, he starts pacing and whining when he sees the suitcases come out. It's even worse if we take him with us, though. He has the long cramped ride, of course, but he won't eat while we're gone. He gets very anxious and upset. Poor guy, he's just so high strung.
He didn't stay home alone, though, my sister very graciously agreed to dogsit. She reported that Max wormed his way into the bed with her, and when she had to kick him out of the room because he was such a bed-hog (mind you, he's 165 furry lbs), he sat in the hallway and whined all night keeping her awake.

He was exhausted from the stress of it all. After our initial flappy-tailed greeting, this is how he looked the night we had returned home.


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