Apparently Money Does Grow on Trees

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It was a hot and sticky day and we were on our third errand, heading into the grocery store. My 6 year old darling son asked if he could get "just a small toy, like a parachute man or car or something?" as a reward for his "best behavior." My reply was "No, I'm not buying anything extra, just the groceries we need." He persisted, pleading and reminding me of how "good" he'd been on our outing. Good? hmm, arguable at best, I thought to myself. Again, I said "no" and the whining ensued. I was in no mood to deal with this, as I was hot, tired and busy wrestling a wiggly and hungry 10 month old into the shopping cart while using one leg to block my three year old from running into the parking lot. I muttered something about how "money doesn't grow on trees" and instantly realized that I'd finally become my mother. The real kicker came when I realized I'd been outsmarted, however, as ds emphatically replied (his voice giving away his annoyance at my ignorance), "Yes it does! It's made of paper isn't it?!"


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