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Monday, June 16, 2008

A few cool new resources I thought I'd share... I've been in a bit of a slump lately and began searching for a fresh perspective and some new ideas for studying. I came across a couple of resources I hadn't seen before and thought they were worth sharing. The first is a PBS Teachers Resource site. It's free to join, open to homeschoolers and has some great links. When you sign up you automatically get 10% off in their online store as well. Another is which includes, games, quizzes, printables and more categorized by grade level. You can check out some of the activities for free and they offer a 10 day free trial of the site. A year's membership is $39.95. I also like Lifeprint, which I had seen but forgotten about, this site offers lesson plans and an online dictionary for American Sign Language. Very cool! Also try funology, Seussville , Weekly Reader online and I love the Berenstain Bears! Have some fun :)
Anonymous said...

Hello from a fellow homeschooler! I do enjoy meeting other homeschool moms.- even tho we are in summer mode. :o}

Great tips!! Love, LOVE...Weekly Reader. TY! :)

Lynn Banis PhD, MCC said...

Great links! You are doing an amazing job unearthing these resources. Ah, Weekly Reader - haven't heard of thatin a while but seems like everyone read that in school!


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