Friday Photo Journal Update - Welcome 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hi friends,

I must apologize for not posting Friday Photo Journal this week.  After the madness and busy schedule over the summer, I had thought that my business would slow down. Then, the fall rush and holiday portrait season kicked in and I was busier than ever. I had looked forward to a break at the holidays, but I had several inquiries and bookings for the week of Christmas and New Years, as family members ventured home and many wanted extended family sessions when all their relatives were in town. So, the break did not come. January has been slower as far as sessions, but I have a ton of editing to catch up on, and a wedding album to design. And really, I can't afford to slow down, so I will be pushing to book more as we head through the typically slow winter months. Plus, I have a lot of organizing to do, and high hopes of focusing on learning to better utilize off camera flash, among other creative improvements.

I already feel that I neglect my family too much, and spend too many hours in front of the computer, when I'm not away shooting or meeting with clients. So, I had thought about calling it quits on Friday Photo Journal, even though it has only been a year in the works. I regret that I can't devote more time to visiting YOU and catching up on your news. But, I don't want to give up on blogging completely, as I have formed so many wonderful friendships here. And, it does force me to focus more on documenting my own life and the growth of my kids each week. So, after more consideration, I have decided to keep it going. Even if I falter on occasion. I feel torn between doing it justice, and just doing it the best I can and letting that be enough. For now, I'm going with I'll do what I can and let that be enough. ;)

I truly appreciate those of you who come by each week to link up. Even with my mixed up linky's or late posting on occasion - there have been weeks when I hardly knew what day it was!  I thank you dearly for your continued support. Love you all! Mwah!

So, Friday there will be a linky open. I would love it if you'd join in and visit your friends and make new ones!

Tamar SB said...

So glad you're going to keep it up!

Gina Kleinworth said...

This face is PRECIOUS!!!!

My dear friend- don't feel pressured to keep up. You have so much on your plate & you are living the dream. It's okay to let certain things go to make space for the things that are the most important. I know you have a million balls in the air & I don't want to see you burn out. Time with the family is so important - please don't feel pressure to put the blog before that for the sake of all of us. We understand & are cheering you on as you grow your biz & succeed. We are all so proud of you & will be here whenever you can take a moment to come up for air. We want you to be happy & fulfilled- not overworked. Love you so much. HUGS!!!

Kim Cunningham said...

I agree with Gina! Just do what you can, and never feel that hosting a linky is required to keep your friendships. If you decide to keep going, I will certainly make all effort to join! You've worked so hard to get your biz off and running, so that must be your focus after family!


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