Photo Feedback - Week 12

Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm submitting another photo for Kim's weekly Photo Feedback. If you haven't participated in the past, you should really consider linking up. It is fun and easy, and oh so very helpful to have some honest feedback on your photography. It also really helps hone your eye to critique the images that others create. So, why not join in this friendly link up? Come on, stretch yourself a little. It won't hurt a bit ;)

My photo this week was actually taken in my cluttered garage. Little Miss loves practicing with the seatbelt buckles on her stroller and as she was playing I saw the light catch her eyes and I snapped away. Garages are great for "open shade" like that. It was mid-afternoon on a sunny day, but we were inside the garage facing the open door. I cropped in to minimize the background clutter and cloned out the rest, then added a vignette to bring more focus to her face. I shot this with my 50 mm at f/1.4 and wish I had closed down the aperture a bit for sharper focus on both of her eyes. 
Here's my edit:

My settings:

And my SOOC:

Even if you aren't linking up a photo this week, please feel free to leave your honest feedback. I really do appreciate your thoughtful comments!

Mom Tried It
Thanks so much ;)

Steph said...

Melissa, did you enter any of your photos here?
You are so talented, you would totally win a prize! (preferably mine so i can make you a pendant! ;))

I love how you made her blue eyes pop out -- oh my, she is absolutely beautiful!!!!

Have a great week,

JipetSun said...

This is a so beautiful photo, and the blue eyes poping out... I love that !

Cropped Stories said...

Oooh, I love this shot! You do a great job at processing your photos. Her eyes are just gorgeous. I can't get over her curls though. They are so sweet. I didn't participate this week in the photo challenge but I know you are looking for some type of feedback so the only thing I can say is that I like the composition in your SOOC. I may have not cropped it. I understand though if you wanted it to be a close-up. It's gorgeous either way :o)

Kim said...

I like the crop and I also think the the original composition was great, too. I like the processing you did, but I think the eyes are a little too bold and sharp compared to the rest of her face. I like the slight vignette you added, too. Nice touch.

She is just so beautiful. :)

MixedMolly said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Mom Tried It. I like the pre crop and the crop both :) I would either 1. back down the eye brightness a bit OR 2. Bring up the brightness or her shirt to balance it out. I really like how your editing defined and highlighted her beautiful curls!

photo by ansku said...

This is an aborable portrait (but yours always are!!!). I like the editing and the closeup, and those blue eyes are just gorgeous.
It would be great to have both eyes in focus as you said. That is actually the only improvement suggestion I have (and by having the left eye in focus, you'd have the whole left side of the face in focus). What I've noticed too is that if you use really large aperture like here, the focus isn't wide eneough for both eyes... but it gives you great light inside if you don't want to use flash.


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