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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boy has this month gone by in a blur. As January began I was lamenting the end of the holidays and the dreary winter that spread out before me. It's hard to believe that was 4 weeks ago already! Turns out I had little reason to dread winter. Though we've had some gray, rainy days, we've also had some glorious spring-like weather too. And the month has blown by quickly. 

I have been shooting a lot. Every day I practice and I'm learning so much. I have been studying through Clickin Mom's Best Beginner course and it has been wonderful. I have learned a great deal and I am so thankful!  I plan to keep up the momentum and hope the improvement I've seen continues ;)  

Picking a favorite this month was tough, but I just love this profile shot of little miss with her curly curls. I'm submitting it as my favorite of the month at Click It Up a Notch.

Check out more great photos here:

Click It Up A Notch

Thanks so much for stopping in to say hi!
Kim said...

Thanks for reminding me about this.
I love her curls and that dress is so cute, too. I live how she is just looking off at the world. Just checking it out and waiting to jump that rail and join in.

AP Mommy said...

This picture makes me happy. Such a sweet shot - and the clarity is great!

What are you shoot with and what were your settings for this shot? :)

Juli said...

I love the way the rail leads my eye right to her. Perfect blur before and after her little hands and then nailed the focus right where you wanted the eye to stop. Very nice. Keep up the good work!

Skye said...

I love this picture! Your daughter has gorgeous hair! :)


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