Aloha Friday!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Greetings friends! It's time for another edition of Aloha Friday. This week I am feeling grateful for all of my bloggy friends. There are so many wonderful bloggers with whom I have developed a friendship and I am astounded by their loyalty. I sincerely appreciate every visit and comment, and I truly enjoy getting to know you all through your posts. So, today my question is: What blogger would you like to give a shout out? Is there someone who goes out of their way to support you? A loyal commenter? Someone who has been like a mentor? In the the spirit of gratitude, give them a shout here and let us know how much they mean to you ;)

I am really grateful for each one of you, but I'm giving my shout out to a few bloggers who have stuck with me through regular and sporadic posting. These gals always have a kind word to share. They make me laugh and inspire me to keep going. Even though I know they are extremely busy and have bigger fish to feed, they have been loyal friends and I love them for it:

Blueviolet of A Nut in a Nutshell
Harriet of Harriet and Friends
Sheila of Ma Vie Folle
Aimee of Aimee's Land
Alicia of More Than Words

You gals rock! Thank you!!

Feel free to leave a shout out in your comment or add a link to the linky. Thanks and have a wonderful Friday!!

PS: If you have a moment please vote for me in the Hopscout contest (I'm only about 700 votes behind!). See my post here for more info. Or just click here to vote. No registration required. It's a one click vote and I would really, really appreciate it!! Thanks :)
I am Harriet said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! With a hug of course :)
I actually look forward to reading the comments from my regulars- such as you :)

Deni said...

What a lovely post, thank you!

i love the friends I have made through blogging~

Aimee said...

Thanks for the shoutout. And thanks for being one of my regulars too!

sheila said...

Ah, thanks for the shoutout, and in SUCH great company too! WOW! Hey, I voted for you yesterday, do you know if we can vote once a day??

~ Noelle said...

elizabeth at ANIN
Lorie at Shewbridges of Celebration
Melissa at Frugal Creativity
Deidre at JDaniels Mom
Natalie at Here are my daily thoughts
I know I am missing more... and I feel bad about that...

I do love my regular AF visitors!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Let's see...I'd be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to:

YOU, of course!
Harriet (the one and the same)
Jen of Sprite's Keeper
Jan of Jan's Sushi Bar
Michele of It's a dog's Life
Grand Pooba
Small Town Mommy


Aloha: Getting Smart

Starbright said...

Love your idea of Aloha Friday! just returnig the favor for visiting and following my blog. Thanks... and I did order a lot from Amazon cant wait to see the stroller I bought lol

Veronica Lee said...

I voted for you!


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