Saturday, March 7, 2009

Anyone following the Iditarod this year? We studied Alaska and followed the race last year and really enjoyed the process. We learned a great deal about Alaskan geography, wildlife and culture. Each family member selected a musher to track and the one with the fastest race time received a small prize. We also had a party at the end of the race with Alaskan-themed foods and decorations. We even built mini sled dog houses with graham crackers, frosting and sugar crystals, as well as a sugar cube igloo. Adding another dimension to our experience, we exchanged post cards with families in Alaska who told us about their take on "The Last Great Race."

The ceremonial start to this year's race was held today in Anchorage. The official start of the race is tomorrow in Willow. If you'd like to find out more check out these resources:
The Official Site of the Iditarod sign up for insider email, read about mushers, and watch videos from the trail.
Iditarod Blog with books recommendations for kids
Alaska Daily News online
Teachers Page full of great links
Activity page/Lesson plan resource
Homeschool Lesson Plan

More lesson plan links

And a list of movies:

Iditarod XXIV Video By The Iditarod Race Committee (purchase at store)

Snow Dogs

Iron Will

Eight Below


Stone Fox

Snow Buddies

White Fang

Sun Dogs

Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth DVD Set by Discovery Channel


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