Earth Hour

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tonight the observance of Earth Hour begins at 8:30. The goal is to heighten awareness of environmental issues and inspire people to practice conservation. To participate, simply turn off your lights, and other electronics, for one hour starting at 8:30 PM. You can visit for more info. This event provides a great opportunity for starting a dialog with kids about environmental issues and how human behavior effects the health of our earth. While many families are already aware of the environmental issues we face and probably practice some conservation and recycling, it provides another opportunity for us to be good examples to our kids. Ideally, this event will inspire us to make even more changes in our daily behavior and not just serve as a yearly hour of darkness.

Amy over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess makes a great point; however, about Earth Hour and the use of candles. We could all do more harm than good if we light up the night with parrafin wax candles. Read more here.

My hope is that we will all choose to participate, spend some interesting quality family time together, and be inspired to be better stewards of our beautiful planet. Perhaps combining the event with ssome time making eco-awareness bracelets out of recycled materials, or a recycled bird-feeder would provide a lasting reminder to be more green.

For more earth friendly fun and ideas click here.
Lynette said...

This sounds like something fun to do. Like I have the time to play with something! I'm on this thing way too much as it is...I love all the gadgets we can "play" with! I like your blog and am listing it as ones I follow. Thanks!


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