Bella! Bella!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yesterday, we went to the vet. Bella, the three kids and I. Bella gets car sick, and though the vet is only about 7 minutes away, she started drooling half way there, all over my leg (wet jeans, yuck) and barfed on my cd case just as we pulled into the parking lot. (Picture me running back and forth from van to small strip of grass with soggy kibble laiden wipes.) Yeah, fun. Poor pup, she just does not like riding in the car. And, since she has so rapidly out grown her crate, it is tough to keep the wet kibble contained. Yes, we will be getting a new crate, pronto.

Thankfully, once in the vet's office, she did fine. She got lots of "awww's" and tummy scratches and "Wow, look at those paws! She's gonna be big." comments. She weighed in at 39 pounds, a gain of 11 from 3 weeks ago. She also got a clean bill of health, booster shots, another dewormer (just in case) and a follow up scheduled for 3 weeks. Then she barfed again on the way home.

After a few laps around the yard and scarfing down a bowl of Nutrish, she promptly collapsed on the couch and started snoring. She was one pooped puppus. (Mommy wanted to join her).

By the way, Bella loves these shirts from Cafe Press:

Anonymous said...

LOVE shirt #3!


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