Today was a beautiful day

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What started out as a poopy (quite literally) and spilled cereal kind of a day turned out glorious. It was sunny, breezy and warm. A gentle play-outside kind of a day. We made Mother's Day cards, played soccer in the front yard, built an ice castle on the back deck, painted the sidewalk...and driveway...and basketball hoop, went to a new playground, visited the library, played with a neighborhood friend, washed the toy tractor and car, played Lego fire and rescue, blew bubbles, and baked brownies. Jackson worked on a new tooth. I'm totally worn out, but have a smile on my face. And the kids are grinning through their sticky chocolate lips.

PS...I just found out that PBS has a new educational site called PBS KIDS PLAY with games and activities geared toward math, science and literacy that feature PBS characters. It is a subscription site ($10/month or $80/year) but they offer a free 15 day trial-no credit card required. This site is built for preschool, kindergarten and first grade kids ages 3-6. It's worth checking out. The only drawback is that it is currently only Windows compatible...too bad for us Mac-lovers.


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