Lesson Plans, Themes and Unit Studies, oh my!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

In keeping with our geography lessons through post card exchanges, I have been looking for activities and info to enhance our experience. I found some neat stuff here on the 50 states, Presidents and The Star Spangled Banner and thought it might fit in with Memorial Day discussions as well. Pretty cool.

Also found tons more Mother's Day crafts...for last minute gifts! and links to lots of unit studies, if you are into those. Check out A to Z Theme Lessons for many resources.

Here's a site I found for making paper toys including vehicles, dinosaurs and lots of cool stuff. Some of these are complicated for early elementary ages and will definitely require mom or dad's help. But they are lots of fun...could be great for travel entertainment.

One more cool thing I discovered today...Lego lessons. We joined a Lego League group this year and Aiden has gone Lego-mad. He loves building Lego fire trucks and fire stations, rescue helicopters, etc. And plays with them every day. This site has lots of cool lessons using Legos. Some of these are a little advanced for Aiden, but would be great with older kids and could probably be adapted for the younger set. If you have a Lego-lover, you will have to bookmark this one!


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