Is homeschooling bad for kids?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vote in Parenting's Poll. I am a regular reader of Parenting Magazine, and when I recently visited their website, I was very surprised to see the majority vote (in one of their quick polls) was against homeschooling. I guess I'm still naive about these matters. It just didn't occur to me that parents would think that it was actually bad for children to be homeschooled, since it seems counter intuitive to me. This should be no surprise, really, many homeschool parents feel schooling is bad for children. I guess I just thought most parents chose not to homeschool because the felt they couldn't financially, or didn't have the skills, patience whatever. But, not because it was bad for kids.
Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that most parents in this country, especially with the current no child left behind fiasco, continue to abdicate any postion of their childs education. It amazes me that homeschooling is still an arcane practice, and many American default to (in the majority) school systems that are illequipped to held the current national student population and the various needs or desires associated with such.

Anonymous said...

Many parents feel that homeschool kids miss out on important socialization with their peers. And what about learning that sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do? You don't always get to do things the way you'd like in real life. You have to make compromises and learn to deal with people you may not like.

Anonymous said...

Granted yes. However, without the concept of parental responsibility, our nation will be directed by a workforce of undereducated leader (take, for example, the current administration). I am a firm believer that children "ARE OUR FUTURE"; yes I am being a little egotistical, but, without a positive, creative and well "culturally" educated future workforce, this country will not exist. Many of the smartest members of this country historical society were home-schooled: Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Henry, and many others. As a matter-of-fact, many of the founding fathers opposed, what we call traditional, public education.
Based on my analysis of the current situation we have two choices as parents: 1.) homeschool, 2.) voice our opinions to our congressman for change. Tell them to change to direction of education in this country. Tell them to fix this mess, and if they do not, vote someone in that will.
Lets face it, the real question is; Are we as adult parents, regardless of age, going to step up and take responsibility of our child and their education, or are we going to resort back to the old mantra, "the system is in place, because that is the way it has alway been."


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