Friday Photo Journal - 38

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Friday friends! I have managed to make it though (almost) this jam-packed short first week of school and hubs first week of work at his new job. It has been a bumpy road trying to navigate a new schedule and fit everything in. It is likely to only get busier as we have taken this month off of extra-curricular activities. Next month, with PE classes, Girl Scouts, drum lessons, etc., might throw me for a loop again. At least by then the kids should be settled into a full time school routine again. We normally don't take much time off in the summer, but this year we took August off.  It has not been easy to herd them back toward school, lol. 
Here's a peek at our activities from last week: 

How was your week?

Friday Photo Journal
Thanks so much for stopping in! Have a super weekend :)

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Jen said...

We are having a hard time adjusting to school too, waking up early has been the worst.

Gina Kleinworth said...

I so hear you on the short week- makes it all the more difficult to catch up. Hope you will be able to have a little down time this weekend.

Beautiful images & I'm reaching out to give you a big squishy hug. Love ya my dear friend!

tiarastantrums said...

oh schedules are hard to navigate once school begins! I've been looking at our calendar and wondering how I will fit everything in!

Unknown said...

Gotta love a great smile!

Nina said...

Getting back to daily routines is a bit hard the first weeks, as we're lingering in the light & TIMELESS holiday-feelings ... lovely Pictures, especially the one where she's playing with the cubes! Happy weekend, Nina

Lisa Gordon said...

These are such sweet shots, Melissa.
So cheerful.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!

...melody... said...

These are great! Getting back to a new schedule is definitely not easy or much fun. Hope the transition is a smooth one! :)

Kim Cunningham said...

You are Wonder Woman! You are going to find your groove in the busy! Looks like a great first week back!


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