WW- Virginia Beach, VA

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Wednesday all!
Last week our family took a drive to Virginia Beach so that I could do a little scouting for an upcoming photo shoot. The kids were really excited to visit the beach, as it was our first time this season doing so. Despite the fact that the water was only in the 50's, they headed straight for the waves!  Crazy kids. We wouldn't let them go in past their knees, but I'm sure they would have gone all in if given the chance.
It was refreshing to hear the waves and feel the warm sand again. Summer isn't far away!

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Ruthie said...

These are STUNNING! I love the colors and the wide angle! <3

Unknown said...

beautiful! i love the beach! it truly is therapeutic to hear those waves no matter what time of year!

Unknown said...

I know I always say it, but these are BEAUTIFUL! I am torn between the 2nd and last shot. Can't decide which is my favorite! Do you allow pinning? I'd love to pin these on my photography board (they are inspiring)!

Gina Kleinworth said...

It's beautiful there- I just love the shore. I find it so intriguing how different the beaches are on the East from where I grew up in So Cal.

Craving the salty air.


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