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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthdays and Earthquakes and Hurricanes, oh my! Yipes, it has been busy around here lately. The weekend was full of party celebrations, as little bit turned 1, and then, just a couple of days later, monster man turned 4. There was cake, and more cake! Yesterday we headed to Grandy, NC to the home of The Grave Digger, so we could take monster man on a monster truck ride for his official bday. So. Much. Fun!

We were back not an hour, busy cleaning out the garage, setting up the new generator and getting ready for Hurricane Irene, when my Dad called and asked if we had felt the earthquake...wha??? I thought it was a lead in for a joke, lol. We are about 50 miles or so from the epicenter and we felt nothing. Apparently we are not as observant as folks in South Carolina or Vermont, because they felt it!

Well, with all of the hullabaloo, I have taken a ton of photos, but have been pressed for time to upload, edit and share them. I promise more in the coming days (that is if Irene doesn't knock our power out: fingers-crossed!). I'll share a few highlights from recent events, then I'm off to buy batteries and batten down the hatches.

Beautiful Birthday Girl!

Birthday Boy Posing with His Sister:

And my Black and White Wednesday pic, hosted by The Long Road to China. :

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Shelly said...

She's beautiful! Happy Birthday! We also felt the earthquake here in MD. It was the freakiest minute or so of my life.


Liz Mays said...

She really is a beautiful little thing! Just darling!

I can't believe you didn't feel the quake though. I felt it here in NC for sure!

Cropped Stories said...

What a cutie! Love her dress! My little one just turned 1 also on August 13th! It's crazy how quickly the time goes! I hope you are lovin' every minute like I am!

Gina Kleinworth said...

She is darling & I love her dress!

sheila said...

Your littlest little one has such a classic look about her. Old soulish

Cedar said...

Oh! These are adorable! I love her little hands clasped together!

Kim said...

What beautiful kids. Happy birthday Little Girl!!!!


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