Recycled Crafts - Make a Boat to Float

Sunday, September 20, 2009

By Jennifer Carling & Highlights Magazine

What You’ll Need:

* a large and a small milk or juice carton
* scissors
* ruler
* masking tape
* permanent or waterproof markers
* glue

How to Make It:

Thoroughly wash the inside of two milk or juice cartons of different widths. Cut the larger carton in half the long way. (Discard one half.) Cut the other carton, if necessary, to a height of about 5 inches.

Cover the outside of each piece with masking tape (except for the bottom) and decorate with permanent or waterproof markers.

To make the cabin, cut out doors and windows on the smaller piece, or draw them on with markers.

Glue the bottom of the cabin inside the square end of the larger piece.

After the glue dries, float your boat in a pool or bathtub.

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Cool! I've been planning on doing something with those. Like it a lot. Thank you. :)

Unknown said...

What a perfect project for all this rain we have been having here in Southern Tenn.

Aimee said...

This is cute! My kids would love making one of these!

The Four Week Vegan said...

Isn't it amazing the things we can make from what we think of as trash. Wish I had some littles to use this with.

Anonymous said...

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