Bored Outta My Gourd

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today was one of those days when I felt frustrated and cranky. Two of my monkeys have fevers so we were pretty much house bound. And, the weather lately has gone between hazy, hot, humid and smoky (thanks to local wild fires) to full on severe thunder storms (boomer shoots, my son used to call them). Not exactly the kind of play outside summer-fun-friendly skies I had hoped for. So I've been plodding along, chipping away at Mt. Laundry and wracking my brain to come up with fun and interesting stuff to keep the kids out of trouble. We've made bird feeders, started an indoor herb garden, crafted, painted and crafted some more, read books, visited the library, watched movies, played games, worked puzzles, baked and eaten and eaten and eaten (have I mentioned that I can't stop eating anything that contains sugar?). I'm feeling a little stir crazy and the kids have been literally bouncing off the walls, and couches,and beds, at least they were until the fevers kicked in. The rest of the week calls for mid-90's with a chance of thunderstorms every day through Saturday. Yipee! Well, maybe the fevers will keep them mellow???
Sheila said...

Our temp right now is 111 & We are bathing in smoke over here in N. CA. I'm afraid to let the kids outside. But, you are right they are driving me nuts. If I hear one more sigh I am going to scream.


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