Friday Photo Journal - February 12, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

So, last week I had a whole slew of photos to share with you and this week I've got squat. Truth is, I have only picked up my camera once this week and that was during a mentoring session last Sunday. The rest of the week was consumed with homeschooling, cheerleading practice, basketball, Girl Scout meetings, home improvement work on the house and very little else. So, I have a random smattering of images to post and not much noteworthy to share. I had hoped to fuel the flames of inspiration this winter and get really creative with shooting all sorts of things in my "off" season. But, I have had trouble finding the motivation. I'm much more prone to hibernation in the winter. 

Got to play with my favorite munchkin who was a model for my mentoring session.

Also played with some sun flare just because it's cool and I didn't have to get cold to do it. Even though this image breaks all kinds of rules, I still kind of dig it. 
It's got a groovy kind of I-don't-care-gonna-let-my-light-shine-bright vibe. 

And I'm totally cheating with these, but I'm gonna post them anyway because I forgot to when I took them in November.  I'll call them Valentine's roses. ;)

So what's kept you busy this week?

Sunshine and Elephants said...

What you view as nothing are beautiful works of art to me. Your daughter made a beautiful subject! :) I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's weekend and more days of rest.

Shantana said...

What a lovely post and beautiful images! Wish you a happy Valentine's Day in advance!!

Sherida said...

Gorgeous post 💜💜 happy Valentines mama!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Who cares about photography "rules" when the result is that awesome shot! I love it!!! Gorgeous flowers - the white, my all time favorite. I'm swooning. What great DOF.

Have a wonderful weekend - hugs!!

Mitzi said...

Each and every one of these holds magic and beauty! Love them all!

Anonymous said...

The wonder of this little one is precious!

Nina said...

Love the profile portraits, Melissa!!! And the flowers ... They're give a cheerful feeling ~ we need some color in these winter months!
Enjoy your weekend,


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