Friday Photo Journal - December 11, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ahhh, so late! So late! I'm sorry I dropped the ball this week. The madness continues with late night editing marathons as I try to crank out galleries before next Friday's wedding. And our puppy girl had her spay surgery and gastropexy this week. So, we are nursing a sad puppy and taking turns keeping the pups separated but occupied so they don't chew everything in sight.

And as usual, I haven't much to share as I just have zero minutes in the day for myself right now. I do have one shot I managed to edit of my big girl, who I can hardly believe is only 10. She looks more and more like a teen every day. Other than that, I haven't even had a chance to upload the few phone pics I took over the week. But, my sincerest hope is that after this week, I will have a little time to enjoy some holiday festivities and get back to a little creative me time.

I hope each of you is having a wonderful holiday season and that you are fully immersed in the merriment and memory making that this time of year brings.

And just a peek at what's been keeping me busy!

I do sincerely appreciate your visits and wish you much love, joy and peace.
Thanks for stopping in! I hope you have an awesome week! :)

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful girl has that wise look in her eyes:) Of your gallery I love the collage in the middle with the dog and little girl drinking from that huge cup/bowl? So cute.Hope you'll have a rest in the weekend!

Our Seaside Baby said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for hosting :) Polly

Out And About Global said...

According to your collage, you certainly are busy taking beautiful photos!


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