Friday Photo Journal - August 28, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happy Friday friends! Last week I promised birthday party pics. The slip and slide was a big hit and the party was tons of fun! Sadly I haven't really had time to edit many personal photos this week. I am trying to crank out another wedding gallery and have come down with a cold and laryngitis. Plus, I'm working on planning our curriculum for the year - we start back after Labor Day!
So here are a few that I did manage to prepare:

How was your week?
Friday Photo Journal

Thank you so much for stopping in. I truly appreciate your visits!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Gina Kleinworth said...

Looks like it was a fabulous time!!!! I sure hope you feel better soon - pushing yourself pretty hard mama!!

Love & hugs!!

Anonymous said...

It's okay to take it easy once in a while (especially when you're not feeling well!) Kids are great at partying - can see they enjoyed it! And the one with the guitar - priceless!

Nina said...

Lovely celebrations - Blowing the candles of a Birthday cake brings back great childhood memories!
I hope you get better soon - Have a lovely weekend, Melissa!

Liz said...

As always you images are gorgeous! That slip and slide is fabulous!!


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