Friday Photo Journal - January 2, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

I have decided to forge on with Friday Photo Journal. It's a great reminder for me to attend to our family photos every week. I will admit that I can't always give this meme the attention that I'd like, but it has become a personal project and a great reminder to record our family history. It's easy to get caught up in client work, and then realize that I have not taken any photos for my own family. I love having books and books of images to pour over, and my kids already enjoy looking at them too. I hope they will have many volumes to share with their children one day. So, I'll march on with this little meme and I'd love for you to join me!

This year I may mix it up a little and try to take more images with my DSLR. I often get lazy and only take phone pics of the kids. As I looked back over 2014, I was a little sad that I didn't have more print worthy shots of them. My plan is to document our everyday life in a meaningful way. I may share an image from each day, or just one for the week, or maybe even the story of one day in several images. I'm going to leave the parameters open and see where inspiration hits. The main point is to record my family's history and then organize, print, and bind those images and not let them die on my hard drives. However you choose to participate is fine with me! I will post a linky each Friday (or usually Thursday evening). I'd love to see your images and I hope you will shoot and share them here.

My goals for this year include shooting more of what speaks to my soul, working on connections in my images, and working on perfecting my black and white images. I am also keenly aware that this blog is long over due for a make-over and update! I'm adding that to my very long to do list.

Here's a peek at our week. Mostly lazy days indoors as it's been cold and rainy.

How was your week?
Friday Photo Journal
Michelle said...

I always love your pictures, whether taken with your camera or your phone. Your kids are adorable & I'm really loving the pic of the dog :) Happy New Year to you, looking forward to many beautiful photos in the coming year!


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