iPhoneography - At the Beach

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Last Sunday was a rare day off for me. Since the kids have been begging to go to the beach, and we never even made it at all last year, we decided to go for it. We packed up the sunscreen, towels, drinks, snacks, chairs, toys and kids and headed east. (It's not that far really, it takes longer to find a parking spot than it does to get there.) We weren't able to procure any parking near our favorite locals beach, so we settled on the State Park. $5 and your in. It was a little more crowded than I like at the beach, but that's a summer weekend for you. It was still a refreshing break from the constant hectic schedule we keep. It was really good to have a family day, all together, just for fun. 

I thought about taking a DSLR, as I knew there would be many photo opps and this is likely as close as we'll get to a vacation this year. But hubbie discouraged it. In the end, I was glad to have the freedom to just snap away with my iPhone and not worry so much about protecting my expensive gear.  I was still able to get some shots I love. Here are a few:

Thanks so much for visiting! Have a great week 4th!

Tamar SB said...

How fun!! Love these in black and white. Glad you had a nice day at the beach!

Lisa Gordon said...

What a great series of images, Melissa.
Everyone looks like they're having so much fun.

Have a wonderful holiday!


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