Aloha Friday

Friday, February 11, 2011

Greetings friends and happy Friday! I'm so glad the weekend is here, and we have no sports games this weekend so I hope to steal a little time to relax. We had more snow this week, unusual for here, but warmer weather is in store for the weekend. Possibly as warm as 60. Woo hoo! I'm yearning for flip flops and barbeques. Who's with me?

Ok, on to my question for today: What talent are you developing? If none, what's stopping you?

A friend of mine recently picked up some paper and charcoal and started drawing. She's never done this, but her drawings are amazing! Really. This got me thinking about how we all have God given talents that we sometimes ignore because we are too busy, too broke, too caught up in the day to day shuffle, etc. But developing our talents feeds our minds and souls and can also help others. Don't we have some responsibility to do this, even if for just a small amount of our time each week? What do you think?

Thanks for coming by! Be sure to stop by An Island Life for more Aloha Friday fun.

Colette S said...

Wow that is so cool about your friend. I agree. We should not lose ourselves and just be dragged along in life. We should find our beautiful talents and excell.

I just did this:

I will begin designing again :)

My Aloha Friday:

Deni said...

I am really trying to get better with doing crafts and diy things

Stacy Uncorked said...

That is so cool about your friend! I'm looking forward to when you'll post some of her work...hint, hint! ;)

I'm still honing my various creative's a work in progress! ;)

Valentine's Day Plans?

Rach said...

My intentions are to focus on my running and improve on it a lot! But I'm guilty of getting tied up in work stuff and not finding time


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