National Parks Week and Junior Ranger Day

Monday, April 19, 2010

National Parks Week is April 17-25, 2010 and during that time all 392 national parks are waiving entrance fees! Many are also offering educational activities including historical reenactments, living history, volunteer clean-up programs, and guided tours.

In addition, National Junior Ranger Day is Saturday, April 24, 2010 and children can participate in fun learning activities to earn a Junior Ranger patch. Get the details and a list of National Parks here.

At the WebRangers site, you can sign up for free or enter as a guest and just explore. You'll find games and online activities related to:

*People - Learn about U.S. Presidents, Thomas Edison, Paul Revere, George Washington Carver, Eleanor Roosevelt and more.

*History - Discover arctic artifacts, set sail on a whaling voyage or a Navy war ship in 1812.

*Nature - Discover dendrochronology (tell time with tree rings) and take The Puma Challenge!

*Animals - Pack a virtual dog sled, protect bald eagles, and help baby sea turtles find the ocean.

*Science - Test the water quality, virtually explore tidepools, find out what dinosaurs ate.

*Puzzles - Break the alpha code names for national parks, send a message with a signal flag, go on a website scavenger hunt.

*Parks - Play "Name That Park," help a ranger, learn the 10 essentials for having fun and staying safe in parks.

So, grab the kids, put your hiking boots on and get outdoors this week!

Sari said...

Melissa, thank you for the information. I often wonder how in the world you manage to homeschool, be a wife, and grow a baby while giving us ALL this great information. When I grow up I definitely want to be able to manage my time as you do :)

Thank you again for the great information. Hope you are feeling well and everyone is healthy.


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