Quotable Sunday - On Pregnancy

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Love is all fun and games until someone loses an eye or gets pregnant. ~Jim Cole

It is said that the present is pregnant with the future. ~Voltaire

Never go to your high school reunion pregnant or they will think that is all you have done since you graduated. ~Erma Bombeck

If nature had arranged that husbands and wives should have children alternatively, there would never be more than three in a family. ~Lawrence Housman

If pregnancy were a book they would cut the last two chapters. ~Nora Ephron, Heartburn, 1983

I realize why women die in childbirth - it's preferable. ~Sherry Glaser

A period is just the beginning of a lifelong sentence. ~Cathy Crimmins

Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside. ~Rita Rudner

Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes. ~Joyce Armor

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Unknown said...

Great lot of quotes today! Several of them made me laugh out loud! I think I like the one by Lawrence Housman the best!
Happy New Year to you!

Liz Mays said...

LOL, love what Rita Rudner said.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Great quote choices! The Rita Rudner one cracked me up! ;)

Happy New Year - hope the early pregnancy fatigue passes soon for you! :)

momstheword said...

Hahaha! These are so cute! Love the one about only having three children, lol!

~ Nan

sheila said...

OMG, I actually DID laugh out loud on the first one! HA HA HA!

THese are all great, where the heck do you always find such great quotes?

Tammy said...

Ha! Once upon a time I did go to a class reunion pregnant! And with a large family my former classmates did think that was all I had done since graduation (I actually had my first baby five years after graduation).

And a warm congratulations to you, Melissa! Hang in there through the early months!

Tammy ~@~


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