Brain Pop Election Lesson Winners

Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Education News:
If you use Brain Pop, good on ya. If you don't you should seriously check it out. We love it here at our house. And, you can register for free for the BrainPop Educators newsletter. They recently announced the winners of the Election Lessons contest, and wouldn't ya know it, a homeschooler won the Brain Pop Jr. first prize! Whooohoo! Be sure to check out all the winners and the free access to their election lesson plans and learning resources. Cool beans.
Katie said...

Is this REALLY $195 per year for homeschoolers? Know of any cheaper way to get access/coupons etc.? Is it really worth this fee? The free trial--does it spam your email with ads, etc?

Anonymous said...

Good questions. Thanks Katie! There is a subscription that is less expensive for families which makes more sense to me. And I did not receive any spam after signing up for the free trial.


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