Some Crafty Halloween Fun

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is a simple and easy holiday craft that we have enjoyed. It is fun for all ages and great for little ones who want to join in the fun. We generally make these for each holiday. They make a nice addition to a bag of homemade cookies or basket of candy.

What you'll need:
card stock, foamies sheets, or scrapbooking paper
craft glue
clothes pins (optional)
strips of magnetic tape or round magnets (available at craft stores)
markers, glitter glue, ribbon, buttons, wiggly eyes or whatever embellishments you choose
cookie cutters or stencils (or you could freehand your shapes if you are more artistically gifted than moi)

Trace your holiday cutters or stencils on the paper you want to use and cut them out. Add any embellishments you like with glue or permanent markers. Let dry.
Add magnet to back or to make a clip, glue clothespin first, let dry, then glue magnet to the back of the clothespin.
Enjoy your holiday decorations and share them with friends :D


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