Pet Peeve Tuesday

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I recently visited Mommywizdom's blog and stumbled on her Pet Peeve Tuesday meme. Have to say, I like it. A little venting now and then cleanses the soul. So I've decided to participate. Here goes:

My pet peeve is when I'm out with my kids, say grocery shopping, and some one comments on how cute or sweet or well behaved they are (eh hum...just play along) and then they take it a step further and actually tickle or squeeze my child. Uh, yeah, hands off the kids lady. They don't like it and I sure as hell don't think it's appropriate. I'm sure you are nice and germ-free and have no psychological disorders and all, but still, it's a little creepy and kids hate that stuff. Admire them if you wish, but just as I tell them (several times a day), keep your hands to yourself!

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Anonymous said...

What is it about kids that makes people want to touch them?! I agree! What's worse is when they touch newborns. They purposely search out their little hands and rub them mercilessly in theirs.

Thanks for participating :-)


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