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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Got kids who are curious about technology? (Or, do they know more than you do?) Imagine my surprise when I woke up the other morning to find my 3 year old on my computer watching Dora videos online?! I am usually the first riser, well after the dog who wakes me up by chewing on something forbidden, so generally my computer is off when I stumble into the kitchen for my morning cuppa joe. But, little miss smartie pants beat me the other day and had Dora on the brain. Thank goodness she can only spell a few 4 letter words and none of them are dangerous.

Here are a few free technology related mini videos for curious kids. They are all from Brain Pop, so they are kid friendly and mom approved :D

Digital Animation Brain Pop Mini Movie
Cameras Brain Pop Mini Movie
Blogs Brain Pop Mini Movie
Computer Viruses Brain Pop Mini Movie

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing these! I found your site from @ptownmoofus I'm also a mom of three; I have three boys, 10, 6, and 3. I am stepping out in faith and homeschooling the boys next year. As the time approaches I become more apprehensive, but I am often reminded how precious my childrens minds are to me. And, they are quite technically savvy as well-- I think they'll enjoy these links.

Oh, and thank you for making both my husband and I look down at our keyboards to check the order of the keys;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, cool! My kids LOVE the computer. We have 2 of them and my 4 YO uses one all the time to go to and other kid friendly sites. We'll check these out!

Marla said...

these are great... thanks


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