What's the Scoop on Ice Cream Headaches?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I came across this article from Highlights Kids and thought it was too cool not to share (eh hem, no pun intended). A young ice cream-loving girl ( girl after my own heart!) wondered what causes ice cream headaches. After doing a little digging and finding little research on the subject, she set out to find the answer. Her journey started with the school science fair and ended up in a medical journal and on the evening news! Read the full story here.

So, now that you know the secret to headache free sundaes, go grab yourself a scoop, or three ;)

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! How cool! I'm going to have to pass this information onto my husband! LOL! He gets them all the time!

Luke Holzmann said...

Hmm... I just got one of those the other night, though I didn't think about what caused them. Interesting that we still aren't sure [smile].

Thanks for sharing!



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