Cinco de Mayo

Monday, April 27, 2009

It has been hot here the past few days. In the 90s. The kids have been loving bouncing around in their blow up pool and dashing through the sprinkler. I have been enjoying all the sunshine and watching my garden begin to sprout. It feels like summer. We even turned on the AC after the indoor temps reached the mid-eighties and the dog was panting non-stop. I generally do not like turning on the AC until late May or June, but it was hot and steamy. Miserable really. So I relented.

Anyway, the point of all this babbling was that it feels like summer. And I can't wait for summer! I love the BBQing, swimming, evening strolls, lightning bugs, and late sunsets. I am ready for it all (minus the mosquitoes). And, what better way to celebrate than to dig in to some Cinco de Mayo festivities? Will you be celebrating with a fiesta?

I'll admit that this holiday has been mostly a commercial one, but there are some opportunities for some interesting lessons here (of course, homeschoolers say that about everything, right?) Why not create a festive atmosphere and explore history, geography, and culture? Make your own pinata. Try your hand at home made tortillas. Create some crafty decorations and celebrate in style.

Find some fun lesson plans here.
Cinco de Mayo menu plans here.
Coloring pages here.
More about Mexico here.

Then, once you've worn the kids out. Invite some friends over and whip up a batch of these babies! Be sure to pop on over to Twitter Moms for their Mamarita party too.

Fabulous Margaritas for Mama
1 1/2 cup Jose Cuervo Especial tequila
1/2 c Grand Marnier
1 can frozen limeade concentrate (or lemon)
juice of one lemon
juice of one of lime
one egg white (Trust me, it's good! But if you are really too scared, you can omit it)
ice to fill the blender (if you don't want them totally frozen use 1/3 water and 2/3 ice)
sugar to taste
Blend and enjoy. Don't forget the salt rim!

Aimee said...

I always try to have Mexican food of some kind on cinco de mayo. The margaritas sound great...might have to have those too!

Kristen Andrews said...

yummy love margaritas and mexican food!

Cheryl said...

Oh yeah! Margaritas are my favorite!


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