Spring Has Sprung

Friday, April 17, 2009

We found some sure signs in our own yard. I captured them with my brand spankin' new camera. Pretty, huh?

Ok, so that last one's not so pretty. That was a day after dh so kindly washed it too. My head hurts just looking at it! We also spotted a bunny, who was too fast for my shutter finger, and a robin's egg shell, which my dear destructive 7 year old just had to step on to hear it crunch. So you'll have to use your imagination for those.
What signs have you spotted?

More Than Words said...

What beautiful pictures!!! I'm so happy spring is here too! My kids have enjoyed going outside w/out a jacket! LOL

sheila said...

Oh, I'm SO looking forward to some spring colors here in Ohio! But so far only some green buds on the trees and a few daffodils. Soon, I keep telling myself!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! There is hope! :)

Aimee said...

The flower photos are beautiful...have fun with that new camera!


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