Project 366 Rewind Week 9 - Soul

Monday, March 5, 2012

Skidding in under the wire for my Project 366 Rewind this week! Whew, it's been a busy day catching up from our weekend out of town!  Here are my pics to share from last week's adventures. More from our trip to come later this many little time to edit!  ;)

My super awesome husband bought me a new external hard drive, since our 1 Terabyte drive was nearly full. Now I've got 2T's for pics ;)
 I played peek-a-boo with my 4 year old when he built an indoor fort during last week's rainy spell.
 I went in search of more signs of Spring.
 I took a stroll in town and found out that city birds are much more likely to let you take their photo than our feathered friends in the suburbs.
 The big girl and I splashed in puddles. This is my pic for this week's prompt: Soul (a lame interpretation, I know. Sorry. I'll do better next week!)
 And we spent a gorgeous, warm sunny evening at the soccer fields.
Then we headed to NC for the weekend where I found this dude chewing the cud. OMG I did some major cloning of cow patties in this pic. I think I removed like 85 piles!!! You're welcome ; P

That's it for the quickie recap. I hope you had a fabulous week. Thanks for stopping by!
Chic Homeschool Mama
Gina Kleinworth said...

How funny- my new external arrived late last week. I am still amazed by how excited we get about something like that. My hubs says he feels bad that we took $$ out of my lens fund for something that isn't "fun" but with the amount of photos I have- I definitely need it. I know you can relate for sure.

Kim said...

I love the splash photo! I think it is funny that you were cloning out poop. LOL!!

packmom said...

Cool puddle jump. I want a shot like that but we haven't had enough rain. Love the cows too.

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! I love that splash photo. Funny about cow patties. ha ha.


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