Photo Feedback Week 6

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another new week had begun and that means it's time to link up for another Photo Feedback.
I am learning a lot from the critiques each week. I really appreciate each and every thoughtful comment!  And I am thrilled to see that more participants are joining in each week. If you haven't posted a pic yet, you should consider linking up. It's really not as scary as it might sound ;)
My photo this week is of the dogwood blooms in our backyard. I took this today, around 2 PM in full sun. Here's my SOOC:
My settings:
It was a bit blown in spots, but I liked the composition and wanted to try to save it. Here's my edit.

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Thanks for stopping in. Why not join the fun and link up below ;)

Kim said...

This is a great nature shot! I love the bokeh and I really like how you added warmth (the SOOC was a little cool for my taste).
I am having a really hard time coming up with a critique for you. I am really grasping at straws here, but maybe remove that branch in the upper right corner. Since it is close to the same plain as the blooms it is in focus. it draws my attention to that corner instead of at the blooms.

LeiShell said...

This photo is pretty much perfect to me! I love it! I sort of agree with the branch in focus, my eyes was drawn a little upwards...but honestly, it doesn't take away from the beauty you captured!

photo by ansku said...

Lovely, lovely shot!!! I love the bokeh, the tones, and the overall lightness of it. Great job rescuing the shot!!

Photography is so subjective! :-) because I don't mind at all the branch in the upper right corner. I think it is a part of a frame that the flower and the branches create together. - For me the one bit of improvement would be to get the "main flower" into a sharper focus - or actually it might not be a question of sharpness, but exposure (as you said yourself, it was a bit blown in some areas).

Lovely shot with a true spring feeling!! :-)

Julie said...

I like the framing of the branches on the left and arching around! Actually, I wish the branch could continue to the right side of the photo. I'd like it to balance the tree trunk (?) on the left side of the photo. I love knowing that this beautiful cluster of flowers is a small part of a beautiful tree.


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