Photo Feedback Week 4

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's a new week and time for another Photo Feedback Hop. I'm so glad to see that a few more folks are joining in. I have really enjoyed getting feedback on my work and find it very helpful to have some constructive critiques and also to critique other photographer's photos. It really makes you think through a shot and hone in on what choices you could make differently to make an image stronger.

 One of the things I need to work on most, I think, is shooting with intention. Making specific choices about what to include or not include in my images, and how to tell a story and evoke emotion within the frame. So, I am loving this weekly link up hosted by the lovely and talented Kim @ Mom Tried It
I hope you will consider joining in if you haven't yet linked up!

This is a shot I took during our visit to my In-Laws in NC last weekend. Here is my before and after from LR as well as my histogram.

And this is after a little editing in PS4. I warmed it up a bit, ran Coffee Shop's Butterscotch Vintage action and sharpened for the web.

Mom Tried It

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment. I really appreciate your visit!

Unknown said...

I'm so with you on shooting with intention. It's one of the hardest things for me to do. And this shot is gorgeous!

Kim said...

I love photos of horses. Good choice to clone out the poop. Lol. I love the scene and the edit with the muted times is very pretty.
I think a wider aperture would have made some neat bokeh and kept the focus on the horse nicely. I dont know which lens you used, but I am assuming you were a fair distance from the horse. An aperture in the 5 range would have kept the horse in focus but softened up the shed in the background.
Beautiful shot!

- Jessi - said...

Totally agree with shooting with intention. It's something I'm always working on. Cute photo of the horse! I really like your edit. It would be nice to have more glare in his eyes and maybe a better pose. I know it's a horse and we can't pose them like we want to lol. Great job!

Gina Kleinworth said...

I agree with Danelle. Now- this is going to seem silly- but I would have gone with more of the rule of thirds & had him slightly more off-center. Now the silly part is that I can say this as I am looking at it- but I most assuredly would have done it exactly the same - because I can't ever remember to do it IN the camera. I often will stretch the canvas after, when I once again realize what I forgot.

photo by ansku said...

I love your editing!! Truly beautiful. The warm brown tones of the horse are also lovely.

I agree with Gina about the rule of thirds and having the horse slightly off-center - worth a try with cropping?

Thanks for the tip about the action!

Julie said...

I love how your edits really made the horse stand out. I might try to stretch the histogram a bit to give a little more depth. Ideally, this photo wouldn't include the shed. I also agree with wanting to move the horse to more of the rule-of-thirds location. Hope you don't mind if I share your image with my horse crazy girls...


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