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Monday, July 28, 2008

In keeping with at the Back to School hoopla, I've decided to start a new Word of the Day series to combat my mommy brain, and to keep up with my scholarly family members (the hubinator)...and my kids :P Plus, I love word games.
Here's the deal: I'll post a word of the day Monday through Friday. Throughout the day we'll use the word as many times as we can and encourage the kids to do so. I'm also posting our word on our fridge to help us remember and learn to spell it. We'll sometimes create silly stories using the word and have the kids illustrate them. Remember, this should be fun. not a chore :D
If you want to play along, post the word and definition on your blog, and leave a comment here with a sentence using the word and your link with Mr. Linky. Then tell your friends and pass on the love! Be sure to post any stories you come up with on your blog, as well as any books or cartoons you come across that contain the word of the day. Have fun and remember to come back for new nerdy wordy fun.
So without further ado...the word of the day is foist.
Definition compliments of Merriam-Webster.
foist: transitive verb. to introduce or insert surreptitiously, or without warrant; to force another to accept, especially by deceit; or, to pass off as genuine or worthy.

Aiden was a sly little bugger and would often try to foist his cleaning chores upon his unwitting younger sister.


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