Proud Mama

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today was a big day. Well, it started off with the usual... coffee, lukewarm by the time I get through 1/2 a cup, a hurried shower with crying 11 month old banging on the door, book reading, sibling arguments, whining, scraping dried cereal muck off the kitchen floor, beautiful artwork bestowed on me by my mini artists, a giggly game of hide and seek, loads of laundry and a few dirty diapers. We visited the library and played at the park, had pasta for dinner and then went out for Starbucks. Not an a-typical day for us.
After pjs and tucking the big kids in bed, Dad and I played with Happy Jack a while as he wasn't yet ready for bed. As has become the routine, Dad prodded him to "walk to Mama." In his typical stubborn fashion, he promptly sat down and crawled to me, then gave me a big squeeze and a couple of pats on the back. (Very cute and I relish the love.) We tried again a couple of times and figured he wasn't going to perform, so I was ready to take him to bed. Dad, however, decided to give it one more try. And, it happened. He took 3 steps! Hooray! Big cheers, lots of clapping and one giant smile on the little bugger's face. So proud he was. It was absolutely priceless.
Too bad it wasn't captured on video, but it is etched in my memory forever as a true treasure. Ain't motherhood grand!


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