Fabulous Food, Friendly Faces, and Fizzled Fireworks

Saturday, July 5, 2008

So, the 4th was great fun. We had some friends over for a bbq and we all had a great time, despite the muggy heat and mosquitoes. We ended up cramming into our dining room to escape the bugs. The food was great and we had an abundance of desserts...my favorite ;) Afterwards we packed up and headed downtown to see the fireworks, hooray! It was still humid and the smoke from the Dismal Swamp wild fires rolled in, but that didn't deter us. The kids were loud and wild with excitement, so we loaded them in the cars and were on our way. The lightning started as we neared our destination, but we pressed onward. We set up near the waterfront and settled in to watch the show with fingers crossed. More lightning and delays...the kids were tired, but still in good spirits and we waited with anticipation...a few fireworks from local revelers popped in the distance amid the looming smoke. Lightning flickered and the thunder rolled in. Then the word came that the show would be postponed due to weather conditions. Fizzle, fizzle, splat. That was that. Everyone packed up and headed toward the cars, and by the time we hit the parking garage the monsoon had descended upon us. At least two of our three kids crashed out on the way home and the third was not far behind. Not the finale we were hoping for, but all in all it was a great 4th. Good company and good memories and you just can't beat that.


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