Just a Quick Note & A Lapbooking Resource

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ok, it's getting late and we've rolled in this evening after a weekend trip out of town. (No, I didn't attend BlogHer...I wish). I'm knee deep in laundry and half empty suitcases and just too tired to think much (much less write much). In going through my email, however, I did come across a great site with free lapbooking pages, and links to all sorts of early education and elementary resources. I got lost clicking from link to link, sifting through and bookmarking all the awesome stuff I was finding. So, the dishes are piled up now too, and I haven't gotten much unpacking at all done. Oh well, Monday will start off with a giant pot of coffee and lots of catching up. I'm too pooped to persevere tonight!


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