Scoring Machines, Bid Dirls and Teenage Grass

Saturday, May 17, 2008

  • As I mentioned before, today was the season's last soccer game. Aiden didn't score any goals today, but he played great defense. Last week however, he was in the zone and scored three goals. After his third goal, in his typical exuberant fashion, he exlaimed, "Yes! I'm a scoring machine!"

  • A few days ago, after her nightly bath, I dried Bryn's hair with the blow dryer - this was a first. She usually hates having her hair brushed, so I doubted she'd last until her locks were completely dry. But, I was trying to avoid the usual morning tangles so I was very encouraging about how beautiful her hair was turning out as I dried it. To my surprise, she enjoyed the whole experience and afterward looked into the mirror, smiled, and then pranced through the house singing, "Hooray, I bid dirl, I bid dirl!"

  • Dh recently planted some grass seed in the front yard to fill in some sparse areas. Aiden and his new friend Maddie were playing in the yard a day or so later when he pointed out the seeded areas to her and told her we were growing baby grass and that she mustn't step on it. Well, about a week later Maddie was again playing in the yard with Aiden and remarked, "Your baby grass has grown a lot." To which Aiden replied, oh so matter-of -factly, "Yeah, now it's teenage grass."
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