Science Quest

Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been looking for some cool experiments and topics to cover with ds relating to science. So far we've been winging it according to his interests (snakes, dinosaurs, endangered species, blue crabs, etc.) I've also thrown some stuff out there (weather, planets, volcanoes, birds, etc.) to see if I get any sparks. We've managed to cover quite a bit and keep it interesting. But, lately my ideas have run dry. So, I've been doing some searching and have found some cool stuff to share.

I'm into kits these days. It makes life so much easier to have everything together in a box ready to go. With 3 young kids running around, shopping for anything has become a big hassle. The fewer supplies I have to track down the better! Steve Spangler has some neat stuff that can be ordered online and delivered to your door (no wrestling kids into car seats needed :-) And, you can sign up for his newsletter with ideas and specials delivered to your inbox. I also like Atomic Elephant and they offer a homeschooler's discount -there's a link at the bottom of their home page. For some earth-friendly fun see Planet Pals.

If you are looking for lesson plans the National Science Foundation has some interesting things to peruse. Science Net Links also has an extensive list of detailed lesson plans for all grades. Also check out Try Science and The Science Page.

For older elementary and middle school kids try Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mr. Wizard's World (remember him?).

Now get out your protective eye gear and get cookin'! There's nothing like a few minor explosions to tickle a child's intrigue.


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