WW - Snow Bunny

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We sure enjoyed the snow while it lasted. It has all melted now and we're back to cold, damp, gray days. Sigh. I hope that ground hog was wrong.

Since so many of my visitors are photography enthusiasts, I thought I would make a better effort to include my camera settings with my images.  I know I am often curious about the settings when I visit other photographers. So, here they are, in case you are curious - this image was shot with a Nikon D610 and 50 mm 1/4 lens:

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great day. :)

Gina Kleinworth said...

How stinkin' adorable!!!!! Winter sure has made a resurgence. We didn't have much of anything until this last week. Then we were hammered with 15 inches of snow & now below 0 temps for our highs. Been a strange winter.

Stay warm!!!

Ida said...

She's such a cutie pie.


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